Why Wavestorms are the best surfboard ever

Why wavestorms are the best surfboard ever

*Admittedly clickbait title, a gross exaggeration and a complete lie, but it definitely has a place in everyone’s quiver. Here is a no holds barred review of the infamous Wavestorm and why you should/should not be surfing one at your local break anytime soon.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t


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1. They don’t last very long

Fact. Foam degrades. Fact. Foam degrades faster than fiberglass or epoxy. Especially when your dog decides that his new favorite chew toy is your brand new foamie. Even with conservative usage, you will discover little knicks in the foam and scratches daily, so don’t expect it to last 10 years. My first one bit the dust just after only a year when the leash plug ripped out and took the tail along with it.

Broken wavestorm surfboard

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2. The leash and fins included are terrible

The non swivel leg rope included would be more useful to hang yourself with. Who would have thought that double swivel made such a difference? The stock leash gets constantly tangled around the board, fins, and your legs, making a big mess of things. The fins have so much flex, they might as well be made of gummy bears. On a big bottom turn for any kind of decent sized wave, you will feel the bottom start to slide out from under you. 

3. They don’t surf the greatest

Sure you can take off and go across, but doing any kind of cutback or floater requires a little more skill. Since it is way more buoyant and flexible than a normal fiberglass board, you are going to have to be well positioned on your feet to be able to do maneuvers without digging a rail and falling. You can feel the whole board flexing when you take off or try to turn, which surprisingly makes it easier to ride for a board of this size. There are some (expensive) foam boards now with fiberglass bottoms, but I prefer them less than normal foam boards because they are much stiffer and it takes some of the fun out of having a foam board. They also refuse to duckdive, more-so than a normal 8’ board. You will have to really put your back into it, or turtle roll.

4. You might get addicted to it

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With great power come great responsibility. Don’t be that guy in the line up with a Wavestorm snaking everyone constantly. It is way too easy to sit all the way out the back and take set after set while speed paddling past every old guy in the line up. You won’t make any new friends, and isn’t the spirit of surfing about having fun, and not being a dick? 

5. It’s like driving a boat

The foam top feature of this board will not disappoint in the floatation department. You will definitely feel like to you are paddling a giant marshmallow that is about to take on water like a seafaring sponge. Beginners easily catch waves and then jet propel themselves towards the beach with little to no steering or awareness of their surroundings. Experienced surfers will see you coming in hot on a Wavestorm and immediately assume you are a threat. Be prepared for lots of stink-eye. 

5 Reasons Why You Should

1. Price:

C’mon for $100, its competition is a used door or an inflatable unicorn, both of which are way harder to paddle. I can barely get a set of decent fins for the price, let alone something that will float, at any surf store (discounting a bodyboard or a handplane, but that’s another story). Best of all, Costco has a very reasonable return policy that is way too easy to exploit. But seriously, you probably shouldn’t, because they’ll change the policy if we start to abuse it (curse the scum who ruined REI and L.L Bean).

Catch Surf, other brands, and Kirkland are a few companies making really fun soft boards, but the price is more than double or even triple a Wavestorm, so is it worth it?

2. Fun factor:

Cred: Perfect Storm Fins

If you haven’t been on a foam board since you were a kid, it’s going to blow your mind. It’s literally like paddling a super light canoe around. It paddles like a breeze and you can get onto almost anything, whether its a 1 ft closeout shorebreak or 10ft barrels (although see Why they don’t surf the greatest).

Super high tide and barely breaking? No problem.

Onshore with a strong current that would not be worth it on a shortboard? No problem.

With your four friends and want to play around? No problem.

Want to buy convert it into a single fin fun machine? No problem.

single fin wavestorm

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Or you could do as JOB does and pull into one of these:

JOB on a wavestorm

Cred: JOB and his massive balls

3. Perfect learn to surf mobile

Sure you can surf it to death, but even better you can also take that girl you like or the kid you have out to have a paddle. Gone are the worries of them knocking themselves unconscious on your 10’ longboard, or even worse leaving an impression or ding with their skull. There is a reason why you see them in surf schools all over the world.

steph gilmore

Or just grab your closest rug and start learning 4Cred: Steph Gilmore

4. It will wet your taste for foam boards

I surfed for 20 years and never had a foam board. I thought it would be pointless and boring, and I didn’t see the benefits. Buying a Wavestorm honestly felt like I was trying surfing from a whole new perspective, simply because it made it so easy and fun to catch shitty waves

5. It is totally expendable

You will feel no shame in paddling out with a Wavestorm in a big swell, shore break or shallow reef.  Scratches, dings and full force slams into the sand are all part of what its expected to take. And for the most part, it does a good job withstanding some trouble. 

Don’t be that guy who gets cold feet and waits on the beach while his friends are all out because your afraid of dinging or breaking your board.


Is this too tongue in cheek for you? Did we insult your sensibilities? Are you already shredding on a Wavestorm as we speak? Comment below.